Social Constructivism Essay

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I find myself agreeing to more than one learning theory when it comes to teaching students, for I believe every student is unique and will learn through different strategies. Some students may need reinforcements to stay focused or to perform acceptable behaviors. Other students may not need reinforcements but require social interactions instead. These students need the opportunities that social interactions provide them to learn acceptable behaviors and skills. Then, there are still more students who may need to experience both reinforcements and social interactions to learn. Therefore, I am a supporter of Behaviorism, Social Learning Theory, and Social Constructivism, respectively. I believe teaching students is only effective when teachers …show more content…
At least one of the strategies practiced in one theory is present in the other theory. For example, I believe the idea in Behaviorism that teachers can change students’ behaviors by altering their environment. In other words, I believe teachers have control over students’ behaviors. This idea of teacher control is present in the high management theory, which believes student learning is effective through direct instruction and rules and procedures set solely by the teachers. Since I favor some form of control in my classroom, certain ideas these two theories appeals to me. Other ideas from other theories of learning and management theory appeals to me as well such as the Social Learning Theory, the Social Constructivism, and the medium management theory. The practices in these three theories aligned with one another more nicely than with the other two theories. There is less emphasis on teacher control and more on teacher to student cooperation. I believe the shift in focus from teacher to students is more effective and beneficial to the students’ academic and social performance. With less teacher control, students have the opportunities to be involved in decision making, to take responsibility for their actions, and to construct their knowledge when they participate in social interaction. Most importantly, the teacher is able to build a relationship with the students that will enhance their classroom participation and

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