Essay about Social Groups And Its Impact On Public Health

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It is perhaps no great surprise that over history, those who presented new visuals have been seen as a threat to the establishment. The information we hear will analyze the use of stigmatization to persecute various immigrant ethnic groups. Americans would associate disease with a certain ethnic group they felt was inferior. Despite the negativity of associating stigmas with social groups, nativist attitudes proved instrumental in improving public health for the better. The apprehension felt over new cultures made the U.S. less susceptible, in the long run, to potential pathogens. Massive immigration in the late 19th century created anxiety. The focus of this work will begin with the 1880s. This is the sample to be used because of its sheer numbers. Millions poured into the U.S in record time. With the rise of urbanization and industrialization in eastern cities, came immigrants seeking financial opportunities. Native born Americans were alarmed to see boatloads of Europeans deposited on Ellis Island and various other ports throughout the eastern seaboard. The Americans were worried both for their health and for the jobs that would become taken by all the immigrants. “Between 1881 and 1884, over 3 million newcomers set foot in the United States” (Kraut 14). The Irish, Italians, and German immigrants flooded major eastern cities, especially New York. Ireland, especially, provided bodies at an astronomical rate. Historians have mostly attributed the exodus to a potato…

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