Social Experiment

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Social Experiment: Defying a Norm
For my social experiment I received consent from not only the Walgreens pharmaceutical manager but also the store manager to stand outside and ask a handful of customers walking in to purchase me an over-the-counter drug: Plan B One-Step pill. The nonprescription product: Plan B One-Step pill is a 1.5 mg tablet for women to take up to 72 hours after she had unprotected sex. One must be 17 years old to purchase the “morning after pill.” Note: I was not soliciting customers because I was granted permission.
I think females will purchase Plan B for me with less hesitations and fewer questions asked than males would because females are more likely to have been in the same situation as what I am portraying.
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The responses that I received ranged from “Say no more, I will purchase it for you.” to “I do not know what that is, therefore I choose not to get involved.” The first person I asked was a female and at first she opened her mouth in awe and shook her head yes. She asked how to ask for it and where to ask for it. I noticed with her she did not need much explanation to get involved, she was very agreeing. She met me back outside after she purchased it, when she handed the bag to me I thanked her and asked why she decided to purchase it for and what was going through her head at the time I asked her. She replied with “It is your decision not your mothers” and “I wish I had someone to do that for me when I was young, because could not tell my parents anything” and finally she gladly said that she would “do it again for …show more content…
The husband like the previous male was not sure what the product does at first, but after a few seconds he suddenly realize what plan b was used for and he too gaped in awe. He had a shocked reaction on his face: his eyebrows were raised and replied with "oh wow." His body language told me he was nervous and genuinely concerned for me. He would bite his fingernails and sway from left to right on his feet. He felt that this was too important to leave me to figure it out on my own. However, his wife completely disagreed. She too displayed a shocked expression on her face, the corners of her mouth were pulled back to show her clenched teeth. She did not agree to purchase Plan B for me but in return gave me motherly advice. She advised me to call my mom or someone else like an aunt. I tried explaining further that I could not because one of the pharmacists is friends with my mom. She was hesitant when replying to me, she tended to repeat phrases, one of her responses was "I, I really, I can’t, I can’t, in good conscience do that. I can’t… I am sorry." Her reason for not agreeing to purchase Plan B for me was “because I think of it as my daughter and I would feel terrible if she could not come to me." She wished me good luck and gave me a pat on the shoulder and proceeded to walk into the store with her

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