Ecosystems Perspective

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Divorce is known to be the legal dissolution of a marriage between two individuals who no longer wish to consider themselves “life partners”. In order for married couples to legally end a marriage in the United States, the sanction of a court is required. Although every divorce case requires the sanction of a court, each case may vary based upon state laws and regulations. This is that divorce is under the jurisdiction of state governments, and every state does not handle divorce cases in the same manner. Also, cases vary because there are different elements within a marriage to consider when determining the outcome of a divorce. Children are often considered to be one of the more important elements to contemplate in a divorce. This is because …show more content…
According to Johnson and Rhodes (2016), Ecosystems Perspective, “Conceptualized the environment as more than a static setting for people’s lives (p. 9).” It explains a person’s environment plays a major role in how he/she interacts within their social institutions. For example, Education as a social institution can be affected by divorce. Many children experiencing divorce often perform poorly in an educational setting when compared to children who live in a household with married parents. According to research performed by Amato and Anthony (2014), “Divorce was associated significantly with all outcomes, including declines in reading scores, mathematics scores, positive approach to learning, interpersonal skills, self-control, and increases in internalizing problems and externalizing problems (p.377)." Therefore, divorce is capable of having a negative impact on a child’s education because of changes in family dynamics. The Ecosystems Perspective suggests that children’s emotional stability, development, and productivity can be negatively affected by divorce because children may experience difficulty when undergoing the stages of adaptation. According to Johnson and Rhodes (2016) adaptation is, “The processes people use to achieve a better level of fit between themselves and the settings in which they find …show more content…
A reward in terms of something that makes them feel more content while providing them the needs and abilities to overcome the challenges of divorce. For example, a study was performed by Lauren Senko where children experiencing divorce participated in a school-based preventive program that promotes resilience in children after divorce. This program created opportunities for children to engage in games served to increase their levels of engagement. According to the study performed by Senko (2016), “Given that divorce often imposes a great deal of stress on children, the games helped to alleviate some of this stress, by incorporating an element of fun into the program (p. 58).” Therefore, it can be concluded that the games served as a reward for children; resulting in them wanting to participate and engage in more positive activities that helps them cope with divorce. Rather that participating in activities, such as drug use, that is harmful to their development, productivity, and emotional stability. Overall, the Rational/Social Exchange Perspective predicts children display certain behaviors as a coping mechanism because they are attempting to find the best course of action to apply in

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