The Importance Of Ecological Perspectives

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The United States classrooms has been transforming constantly with different cultures, ethnicity, languages and diversity. One of social workers responsibility is to become cultural competent. Cultural Competent is the awareness of other culture and attaining this information allows social worker professionals to properly deliver service. The social worker in Claudia case understands that the mom was in fear because of her immigration status but she build trust by informing all of the documents in Spanish and explaining confidentiality. The author (Donna. Hardina 2014) explains that undocumented immigrants are not eligible for almost all public welfare, social, mental health, and health care services or benefits except for emergency room care (p.37) but the social worker understand the school policy by not rejecting the client.
Some of the barriers illegal immigrants face is seeking social services because fear of deportation. According to the author Donna Hardina (2014 ) “it is important that social workers participate in education and training about immigration issues and become knowledgeable about federal eligibility guidelines and benefits that are available for undocumented individuals
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Using the Ecological assessment Claudia social worker can understand the interaction of systems and how its influences in Claudia’s environment. One of the assessment tool that develop from the ecological- system perspective is the eco-map. The Eco-map illustrates the strengths and tensions that exhibit in her school and neighborhood. Claudia social worker incorporated activities in the intervention that taught Claudia good vs bad by doing this Claudia was able to feel more secure in her atmosphere. The social worker also had Paula the mom to learn ways to assist her daughter if there where sense of

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