Social Determinants Of Health Care Essay

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Inequalities that are experienced in health care are closely related to social determinants of health which are inclusive of one’s lifestyle, age, gender, geographical location and community background. Canada uses a universal health care system program which allow for citizens to have access to health services, despite this, there are some difficulties for some ethnic groups such as the Aboriginal people and First nations people of Canada to access it (Cameron, Carmargo Plazas, Salas, Bourque Bearskin, & Hungler, 2014). Research shows that one of the reason this population experiences difficulty accessing health care is due to their demographic location. Aboriginals who live off-reserve, First Nations people who live on-reserve and individuals in remote communities have limited access to health care (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008 & Cameron et al., 2014). This is because of long wait times, health services not covered by their benefits, not enough of doctors or nurses, transportation challenges and health care professionals’ culture insensitivity (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008 & Cameron et al., 2014). The constant inequalities that this population face to obtain health care services raises serious concerns as they have to face obstacles in order to achieve equitable access to health care compared to the overall population of Canada. Canadian immigrant women are another group of individuals that face inequalities with the health care system. They understand the…

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