Social Conformity Is The Phenomenon When An Individual Follows Decisions Made By The Majority

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Social conformity is the phenomenon when an individual follows decisions made by the majority. This type of social influence may also be referred to as peer pressure in more juvenile situations. The article and the clips cover many interesting aspects of social conformity, and just how vital it may be to understand it. I was quite baffled by the “What Were You Thinking?” clips presented by NBC Dateline. Some of the examples were certainly theatrical in my opinion. At the begining of a clip, Chris Hansen spoke of how childlike istincts, like mimicking elders, stay intact with our thought processes throughout our lives. This simple truth made sense of a few of the situations, but not for some.
If I were to be in a situation as silly as the elevator example, I would more than likely just conform to the crowd seeing as how it would not be life altering. An example of this may be standing up on the bus to allow an older person to sit in your seat, after noticing others doing so.
Although, if I were in a situation more serious, as the room filling with smoke, I would most certainly go against the crowd. I do not understand how a person’s instinct to conform could be stronger than the basic instinct to survive. For example, the description of the sauna disaster surprised me. How could a person choose to remain in a potentially dangerous situation just to fit in?
In my opinion, going with the crowd may not always be a negative decision, but a person’s beliefs should always take…

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