Social Conflict : Society As An Arena Essay

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Social-conflict shows society as an arena. The way some cultures and races are treated compared to others is the best example of social conflict. In the 1960’s, the south saw white as dominant and black as unimportant. They had separate restrooms; separate busses and the payment for jobs between the races did not match. The stratification in the sixties made the two races see each other differently. Instead of seeing human beings, people were defined by the color of their skin. The Help looked into the lives of the house cleaners who served white families in the sixties. A young writer named Skeeter wanted to show the world what it was like to be a house cleaner for a white family. Skeeter struggled at first to find willing house cleaners to talk about their everyday lives because at that time it was illegal for anyone of color to talk bad about a white family. Eventually, many opened up to her because they wanted their story told. Aibileen, the main house cleaner who tells Skeeter her story tells her family’s young daughter, Mae, that “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” She teaches her those words so that maybe one day she can spread that message to the world. House cleaners have families of their own that they need to protect and take care of. Their families must work for everything they have because they are not treated equally. Yule May is a proud mother of two boys who just graduated high school with honors. She asks Milly, the wife of the family she is…

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