Social Classes And Human Beings Essay

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Despite the different social classes and roles that human beings perform in different societies and civilizations, on a purely natural level, all humans only need to perform the tasks necessary for survival. Since survival in nature requires only a certain amount of skills for the average and reasonable human being (such as the ability to hunt, forage, make clothing and shelter etc.), those who did survive possessed all these same skills. In this case, similar to how Hobbes says “nature hath made men so equal, in the faculties of body, and mind…(that) the difference between man, and man, is not so considerable… (Hobbes pg. 618),” all those who possess the skills necessary for survival are relatively equal in ability. While human beings can be completely self-sufficient in survival, they can choose to divide the tasks necessary for survival amongst each other to simplify the labor necessary for the survival of the individual. For example, in Socrates “city of pigs”, the members of the city divide into farmers, cobblers, tool makers, and other craftspeople and exchange the products they create with each other. In this way, these people “…make food, wine, clothes, and shoes…they…build themselves houses… (Socrates pg. 102),” thereby supplying each other the necessities of survival by means of mutual exchange. Since all members of this fundamental configuration supply a necessity to the others, all members depend equally on all the other members as he/she him/herself is…

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