Social And Political Aspects Of The Us Curriculum Essay

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The purpose of this literature review is examining the social and political aspects of the US curriculum in describing its influence on the course taking patterns of high school students. Although prior research on curriculum (Apple, 2008; Levin, 2008; Whitty, 2002) identifies the extent to how educational policies impact the schooling of students in schools, there is limited research that examines the extent the social processes that accompany the manner in which students interact with the curriculum. In calling particular attention to some key areas and key issues in the high school curriculum, this literature review first aims at exploring recent research (Russo & Koesten, 2004); Heck, 2004; Kezar, 2014; Bowers, in press) that examine the social network analysis (SNA) aspect of course enrollment in the US. Second, in examining the structure and lack of consistency in the US curriculum, we take the approach of researching what curriculum theory is (Beauchamp, 1982; Ellis, 2004; Morris & Hamm, 1976; Pinar, 2004). Third, in identifying contributing factors that may go into students taking particular courses in high school, we conduct an analysis of influential educational policies that have shown that impact schools’ decision on which courses to offer. With that said, we explore the rationale, whether politically or socially motivated, behind high school students’ selections of course or curriculum paths.
In conducting a literature review on curriculum, we find that…

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