Essay On The Gunpowder Revolution And Globalization

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Europeans saw a great need to improve their economy. This called for ways to get their products and services outside of their local area. Globalization was the key to improving the economy. Globalization is the process which allows an entwining of people and economies in the world. It began in the 15th century but still is present today. This wasn’t an easy task given the modes of transportation, culture differences, and language barrier. In the mid-15th century, Europe began to expand and launch out into different territories globally. The Eastern hemisphere knew very little about the Western hemisphere and vice versa. Europe was entering what is called the “Age of Discovery which is a period from the 15th to 18th century and involves overseas …show more content…
Monarchs took control of Western Europe among the 16th and 18th centuries. These monarchs gained absolute power. These monarchs had unlimited power. Their belief was this power came from God and could not be questioned and any attempt to limit or overthrow their rule was against God will. There was no separation of the ruler and the state. They used military force as a backup to their rules. The armies used gunpowder and cannons which came from China instead of pikes and spheres. This began as what is known as the Gunpowder Revolution. This revolution was very expensive but had a great impact on warfare. The gunpowder weapons allowed Europe to conquer territories; however, European gunpowder empires emerged with dominance. Instrumental in this European dominance was the Commercial Revolution. This revolution emerged and transformed Europe due to quick expansion of trade and commerce. European businesses began to expand and resulted in new methods of business and banking. As a result of these methods, capitalism was formed. With capitalism, resources are privately owned. European dominance and commercial activity resulted in increases in standard of living, wealth, and political and military power. Europe rose to power because of economic, political, social, and culture

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