Social And Personality Development : What Makes People Who They Are?

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Social and Personality Development in Childhood What makes people who they are? There are many pieces that contribute to what makes a person who he/she is. The way in which a child is raised is one of the most influential contributors. Parents play a vital role in their child’s personality development. Furthermore, nationality also is important because culture influences the way in which life is lived. Another major contributor to personality and social development is the school, and the living conditions both in school and at home. Those who live in modest living conditions are generally less materialistic, more generous and simpler to interact with. On the other hand, those who live and are educated in high living conditions are oftentimes the opposite. Of course, this is a generalization and stereotypical, therefore outliers can be excluded for the purpose of the statement. Another one of the major contributors to childhood social and personality development is gender. First, self concept in middle childhood will be defined and gender development will be outlined as well. Of the most popular and well-known psychologists is Erik Erikson. He came up with a model for personality and childhood development in children. During middle childhood, Erikson stated that children were going through the stage of industry versus inferiority. In this stage, children learn how to cooperate with children their age/peers. D. Witt from University of Akron stated,
“In middle…

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