Stem Cell Research Argument Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Because stem cells are derived from the cells of embryos and fetuses serious debates sparked regarding ethical concerns about the use of these cells in research and treatments. But the National Institutes of Health have released guidelines regarding their use. However the guidelines have not necessarily alleviated all of the ethical issues raised the Nationals Institutes of Health is now the small group controlling the recourses.
Applying the functional analysts’ perspective to the embryonic stem cell research opponents is a little different. Remembering that with this approach society is a whole unit that works together. To allow such research that requires the destruction of human embryos, mo matter how noble the purpose may be, is to treat that human person as merely a mean to an end of an unrelated issue and disregarding the well-being of that embryo. Therefore all parts are not being allowed to function
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There are many agents of socialization which can affect these traits for an individual such as ones family friends, religion, day care, school & peers, and the workplace. I do believe that some of these do have a greater influence than others and I will discuss and explain them below.
The family is going to be the first agent of socialization one encounters and it is one that will always be with you throughout your life. One of the main findings noted by sociologists is that the family’s social class can play a major role in socialization for the child. The family’s social class in part depicts the type of opportunities or lack thereof one might have experienced. Typically the working class family is going to be less educated and not used to having some of the opportunities offered to them that the middle-class or upper-class have. Therefore, the working-class expect their children to have the same experiences and teach them obedience to do what they are told because they will usually expect that they will always have a boss telling them what to do. Where in contrast, the middle-class and upper-class are maybe given more opportunities and take the initiative to explore the valuable qualities they have. But again how they are taught at home is going to give the child their idea of what is expected from them and how they are treated from

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