Essay on Social Action And Community Advocacy

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My biggest personal challenge in social action and community advocacy is in learning with the community, gathering its history, and having the passion to build relationships with others. I learned this while working within a recovery setting, which proved to be very challenging. But helping women at the program gain a new outlook on their own recovery, for the better, was a challenge I was up for. Understanding the importance of community and relationship is the key to success.
Keywords: challenge, community, relationship

================ Ten years ago I was working for Fresno First. Fresno First is " a gender responsive residential substance abuse treatment program in Fresno County that serves female parolees and their dependent children (, 2015).” In adition, Fresno First, “As a Female Offender Treatment and Employment Program (FOTEP)...reduces recidivism through intensive treatment and case management services... to help women obtain and maintain a drug- and crime free life (, 2015).” It was in this setting that I became aware of what it meant to be a change agent in a community. I recall coming in one day to the center. On that day, as any other day, I saw the same old out-dated curriculum for ‘recovery’ administered to the women. I would see the depressing looks their faces. I would notice how they weren’t really engaged with each other, or even with the concept of recovery . This was very disappointing. I knew I had to do…

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