Case Study Of Pam's Diets

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Question 1

Pam’s diet is not the healthiest. She eats a lot of greasy, fatty foods with added butter and oil. She made her salad unhealthy by adding ranch, sour cream, and oil. She also drinks soda and juice more than she drinks water, which is adds a lot of sugar to her diet. With these added sugars, oils and butters she is way over the amount of suggested added sugars and sodium saturated fat intake of a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy. However, when it comes to the amount grains, vegetables and protein foods suggested for her body type she is under the needed amount. This is very concerning not only for her but for her baby. Stickler stated that, “eating a nutritious diet during pregnancy is linked to good fetal brain development, a healthy birth weight, and it reduces the risk of many birth defects.” (Par. 2). These are all great for the baby and also for Pam.
As a pregnant woman your body goes through a lot of changes in order to keep you functioning and your baby growing. Eating unhealthy foods will only make your body have to work harder to try to keep you as well as the baby healthy, and eventually it will get defeated. Things like clogged arteries and
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Yes, this is less than how much she once smoked before, yet it is still very harmful. An article that spoke about smoking during pregnancy stated that, “smoking while you’re pregnant can cause serious problems... Your baby could be born too early, have a birth defect, or die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).” Furthermore, it talks about how premature babies are commonly born underdeveloped and with serious health problems. As stated before, I am aware that she no longer smoked a pack a day, however, five cigarettes a day while pregnant is still very unhealthy. This is possibly a major reason why she already had a preterm delivery. This can be proven because the essay states that it is likely that she would go into pre-term labor again with this

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