Smoking Cigarettes Should Be Banned Essay

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Banning cigarette smoking has been a topic of dicussion for so many years and still is today. So many people don 't realize the negative effect cigarettes have on the human body and yet it is still legal. Many people that inhale the harmful toxic from the cigarette you are proned to illnesses. Smoking cigarettes cause death, diseases/health issues, your appearance changes and it also effects pregnant women. Smoking cigarettes should be banned. There has been a dramatic change in cigarettes over the years.

The ingredients in cigarettes is so harsh. Cigarettes contains carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia and nicotine. Carbon monoxide is found in cars and Nicotine is a poison that is also found in bug spray. All of these chemicals make up one cigarette which is the reason it is considered deadly. This is why smoking cigarettes is known to be the number one cause of death. "According to the U.S. Center of Diseases, one out of every five deaths is because of smoking, that is a total of 438,000 deaths a year" (Everyday Health, 2009). That is a lot of lives being taking away due to smoking cigarettes. Everyday Health also stated that "Cigarettes are worse than getting the HIV virus, committing suicide or abusing drugs" (Everyday Health, 2009).

People often say as a joke "Put that cancer stick down". Research have found that smoking cigarettes due in fact cause Lung cancer. Lung cancer is when abnormal cells grow in your air way passage. This affects your breathing. Not only does it…

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