Smoking Cessation Of Cigarette Smoking Essay

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E-cigarettes were first introduced to the market in 2004 as a pathway to reduce tobacco smoking. Over the last decade, questions have been raised, regarding whether e-cigarettes can result in complete cessation of cigarette smoking, the only solution for health risks. This essay will focus on the evidence in three of most important areas, its impact on helping with smoking cessation, health benefit for smokers, and potential health implications for nonsmokers.

As a solution for smoking cessation
The first concern is, whether or not e-cigarettes can assist with quitting cigarette smoking. Several internet surveys showed that e-cigarettes helped to either quit conventional cigarettes (42-99%) or reduce consumption (60-86%) (1). Another well-cited cross-sectional study conducted by Brown et al. founded that adjusted odds of non-smoking in users of e-cigarettes was 1.61 (95% confident interval, 1.19-2.18) times higher than those using no aid (2).
However, a meta-analysis including 4 cohort studies and 1 cross-sectional study yielded a pooled odds ratio of 0.61 for quitting smoking (95% confident interval, 0.50-0.75)(3). The result indicates that the use of e-cigarettes is associated with lower odds of abstinence from cigarette smoking. Several clinical trials have also been conducted (4-6), attempting to identify the efficacy of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation. None of the trials found e-cigarettes to be associated with successful quitting, though there was significantly…

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