E Cigarettes Research Paper

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What are the causes of increased use of e-cigarettes among adolescents?
Tobacco cigarettes are costly, addictive, and can cause many serious conditions, such as cancer, lung, and cardiac diseases. These diseases are not just dangerous for the users, but also for the person who inhales around them as called second hand smokers. Sadly, the price of a pack of cigarettes is increasing, yet people are still buying them. Although e-cigarettes have been patented since 1963, it became more popular in 2007 ( LaMotte, 2016). E-cigarettes are cheaper, well design in colorful and many different optional flavors which attract adolescent. People believe that e-cigarettes are safer because they are less toxic and more convenient compared to
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The e-cigarettes companies provide with many different flavors, colorful, and compact which makes it convenience and favorable. Despite less toxicity found in e-cigarettes, they still contain nicotine which can alter brain development and users can become addicted to them (CDC, 2016, Overview Section). People have problem quitting smoking because of the nicotine. People who tried to quit smoking can have withdrawal symptoms. Although some people use e-cigarettes for smoking cessation purposes, FDA did not approve …show more content…
The younger a person starts using e-cigarettes; the bigger chance for that person to be a tobacco consumer. Highly addictive effects of nicotine will make it difficult for smokers to quit.
Research Design Method This paper will use quantitative research method to assess the causes of increased use of e-cigarettes among adolescents. This paper will use a non- experimental approach, such as analyzing literature sources to support the paper argument. The participants being study are middle and high school students. The independent variable is smoking and the cancer caused by using e-cigarettes is a dependent variable. Some of the resources conduct a cross sectional study which involved an observational and analysis of data from a certain populations.

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