Smokeless Tobacco: The Seriousness Of Tobacco

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The Seriousness of Tobacco
The use of tobacco has been a common practice among Americans and people all over the world. Smoking tobacco was extremely popular during the early parts of the 20th century. It was so common that soldiers would often receive cigarettes as part of their ration in World War II. People did not understand the negative effects of cigarettes until the 1980s. The use of tobacco products, smoking and non smoking, have slowly declined since that time, but doctors keep finding more evidence as to how harmful it can be. People still continue to consume tobacco products even if they are not the only people affected. Tobacco products should have greater restrictions on where and when they can be consumed.
Tobacco is a plant
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No form of smokeless tobacco is a safe alternative to cigarettes. People that dip or chew get about the same amount of nicotine as regular smokers. Smokeless tobacco also contains 30 or more chemicals known to cause cancer. The common types of cancer are mouth, tongue, cheek, and gum cancer. Chewing tobacco has had a reputation as being common for some athletes to use. “High school athletes who play on sports teams smoke tobacco products at a lower rate than non-athletes, but use smokeless tobacco at a higher rate” (High School Athletes Using Smokeless Tobacco). Teenagers are being influenced greatly by the professional athletes they see on television and are trying to be more like them. People look up to these Athletes like idols and will do anything they can to be like them, even if it is bad for their …show more content…
Less secondhand smoke would fill the lungs of bystanders and it would lessen the amount of times smokers can light up. In an article about smoking bans, “Many smokers who are trying to quit have found that bans have aided in this effort by ‘de-normalizing’ the behavior and limiting the places they are allowed to light up”(Rich 3). Some bans, like this one, are helping save lives by helping people quit smoking and reducing the possibility of lung cancer. The government also has been trying to ban smoking in public housing. A ban like this would improve the health of over 760,00 children and help housing agencies save millions of dollars in healthcare, repairs and preventable fires (Markon 18). Any kind of ban on tobacco could increase the health of the general population and allow for a cleaner environment.
Although many people argue that the government should not be able to regulate what substances enter the body, the government already does this with illegal drugs like cocaine, heroine, and many other substances. The main reason tobacco was legal was because people did not know the harmful effects. The people across the world did not know how bad tobacco was for people until the late 20th century. Tobacco companies lied to he people for years knowing how bad their product really was. “In 1998 the tobacco industry settled for 246 billion

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