Smartphone: Touch The World

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Touch the World For about ten years now I have had my fair share in cell phones rather it being a smartphone or just your traditional flip phone. After bouncing back and forth between Samsung, Windows, and Android I finally decided to switch over to #teamiPhone. iPhone is originated from a company called Apple, which started when two friends from high school Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs both took interest in electronics in 1977 (Singh, 2015).Wozniak has been more interested in engineering problems and Jobs had been more concerned with marketing and sales (Day,1985). Apple didn 't release the first iPhone until 2007 but since then iPhones has grown and improved significantly stronger in the past several years (Cox, 2012). With only four months …show more content…
Holding it with my four fingers while using my thumb to navigate the screen it fits perfectly in my hand. The phone is built with a 3D touch sensor that make it possible for your phone to detect pressure sensitivity (Brown,2015). A feature that 's comes in handy for me is the Touch ID sensor that allow you to unlock your phone by just hitting the home button located on the bottom of the phone with your thumb. The Touch ID sensor also allows you to access and unblock some of your applications downloaded to your phone like your bank app or insurance app. If for some reason your iPhone does not recognize your finger print an alternative option of manually typing in your password is provided to …show more content…
Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, and T- Mobile. Depending upon your carrier the monthly bill that you pay will very. At purchase you can choose which gigabyte best fit you with your daily use. The iPhone 6s is available with GB that range from 16 GB for the cost of $649 to 128 GB for the price of $849 (Stern, 2015). I currently have a 16 GB with 30 plus applications downloaded onto my phone along with 600 plus photos and 60 songs with still have 6GB to spare.
When you purchase an iPhone 6s it is sold to you in a white box that includes one white lightening charging cable, one USB wall adapter, a pair of white wired ear buds, a start guide, and two miniature apple logo stickers. Since I 've had my iPhone I have replaced my charging cable twice. Both times the outer layer of the cord split open and the wires began to twist and break leaving it unable to charge my phone. My white ear buds still work perfectly and I used my two Apple stickers to post onto my Toshiba

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