Example Of Group Experiment Theory

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Group Experiment Theory
Our experiment tests multiple smartphones’ battery life and answers the question of how long do our batteries really last. Since having a smartphone is used as a resource for most of us, it can really affect our everyday lives. Our group wanted to find out the truth about how much battery percentage our apps use on one full charge. One reason we chose this experiment is because the data is accessible to us and easy to track. Additionally, since our group members happen to have different models of phones, it allowed us to capture a diverse sampling of data. Our theory is based on the manufacturing data of iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, and and Android LG G4. The manufacturers give estimates on the expected battery life of our phones. We experimented to see if the information provided would match up to the information the smartphone companies supply of how long our batteries should be lasting based on talk time, internet use, and standby.
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Changing the brightness of your phone 's backlighting can dramatically affect battery life. Likewise, based on the data collected, the screen display can use up to 31% of the battery. We recommend using half of the phone 's brightness because it will help prolong battery life and still makes for a moderately lit display. By turning off location, bluetooth, and other features while not in use, some users can save up to 30% of battery. We learned that some smartphone users might benefit from the game optimization feature that adjusts video quality in order to preserve the battery; this is a great feature if the user is a frequent gamer. There are also power saving features that adjust the smartphone display and other features to preserve battery once the phone passes a certain battery percentage. Additionally, once an individual discovers which apps use the most power, they can limit their use on that

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