How Have Cell Phones Changed Our Lives

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Living in this new era, our technology has drastically advance throughout the years. One common device that we use in our daily lives is our phones.This small electronic has changed many people 's ways of communicating with each other. Forty years ago, our first wireless Motorola phone “The brick”, that weighed two pounds was created. However, as the years pass “The Brick” started getting smaller.Instead of weighing two pounds it started decreasing down till it got to weigh a couple of gram. We now known thouse lightweight devices that we carry in our pockets every day as the Smartphone. The Smartphone has been an outstanding service for our generation to communicate using text messages, video calling, and social media. Text messages are becoming very popular in our daily routines in order to communicate in a matter of seconds. Back in 1990’s cell phones did not have the service to text. Instead of having the ability to text on their phone, people had to buy a beeper in order to receive any messages. The beeper was able to receive text messages however, individuals were only able to …show more content…
Communicating with others using a cellular device has drastically improved throughout the years and has become what is now known as the smartphone in today’s world. With a click of an application we can now communicate with somebody that is miles away. For example families that have family members in other countries have the fortune to communicate with the power of the electromagnetic energy waves that the cellular device produce to get your message across. This three services that have been developed in our phones has have many opportunities to communicate with others that back then citizens did not have due to the lack of

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