Student Sleep Deprivation Essay

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One of the many problems that is rising in America is the issue of student sleep deprivation. Student’s busy, every day schedules don’t allow for a proper amount of time to get fully rested. “Less sleep is unhealthy especially with the new research that is teenagers move through Move through teenage years they need increasing amounts of sleep. Nine hours per night is the necessary amount to avoid behaviors associated with sleep deprivation.” (Final Report Summary, 2001) Sleep deprivation is one of the few things that is causing students to sleep during class instead of staying up and learning. Of course, when students are sleeping in class, they aren’t learning what is being taught in that class. Also, it is proven now that the majority of adolescents learn better later in the day. But, America’s schooling system is the reverse of this. They begin early in the day, while …show more content…
In the morning we are all still groggy from waking up and some of us are still trying to wake up fully. Later in the day, when we are fully awake we much happier, concentrate more easily, and look a lot better. All of these things make schoolwork easier and have better quality of work. It says in the National sleep foundation poll that over a quarter of students fall asleep in class at least once week. (Sleep in America, 2006) Falling asleep in the classroom has an obvious link to poorer grades. What doesn’t make very much sense is how everyone says that education is very important and they try to teach to you as much as they possibly can because it is so needed in the world but then they start school early in the morning. If they say education and learning is really important, why don’t they start school later when we are physically and mentally more able to learn. As you can see, teenagers are useless in the morning and it would be very beneficial to start school later in the

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