Sleep Deprivation Persuasive Speech Essay

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Persuasive Speech for Students’ Chronic Sleep Deprivation

A. Attention Getting Opening: Over the past ten to twenty years, academic demands placed upon college students have increased significantly, this has lead to an increase in workload and amount of time needed to study for a specific course. Today, college students represent the most sleep-deprived division of the population in the U.S. ("Sleep and Memory"). According to Gayla Martindale, 63% percent of the students who attend college do not get enough sleep, which in turns causes 15% percent of these students to fall asleep during class. Sleep deprivation has become a serious problem in the life of students that leads to physiological and psychological impairments,
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2. Subpoint 2: Those people who deprive their bodies of less than six to seven hours of sleep per night impair their psychomotor performance, and neurocognitive thinking, such as a reduction in attention, concentration, critical thinking, and memory.
3. Subpoint 3: Many of these effects can cause a student’s academic performance to diminish, resulting in a poor grade point average (Doghramji). Nevertheless, academic demands influence students to find ways to ignore and repress the signs of sleep deprivation.

Transition: The ways that students repress sleep deprivation is by using Stimulants.
A. Main Point C: For a college student the most common way to repress the signs of sleep deprivation is through the consumption of stimulants. For student caffeine is typically the preferred stimulant to use because it is cheap and easily accessible in various products. But the product of choice are energy drinks.
1. Subpoint 1: Energy drinks are designed to give the consumer an energy kick through a combination of B vitamins, caffeine, amino acids, herbal extracts, and sugar offshoots. However, the amount of caffeine in these drinks are incredibly high. One energy drink typically contains 80 to 141 milligrams of caffeine per eight ounces, this is the equivalent of two twelve ounce cans of caffeinated soda.

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