Slavery During The Civil War Essay

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There were many slaves that were freed from the South throughout the Civil War. From the earliest days of the war, Southern Slaveholders began twisting the imagination of that of his slaves. The Slaveholder would describe a Union soldier in a foul way to distort the truth and make his slaves more dependent on both the protection of their owners and to get the slaves to support the Confederacy. One Tennessee slave was told by his master that Union soldiers, “got long horns on their heads, and tushes (pointed teeth) in their mouth and eyes sticking out like a cow! They’re mean old things.” Many slaves had their minds made up for them about Union soldiers, for they believed their owners. However, what reasons do they have not to trust them? Their owners are defending them. These slaves that sided with their masters tended to protect the precious belongings of their masters both for themselves and to make sure that looting Union soldiers would not desecrate the valuable items. Sometimes these slaves would even fake to the Union soldiers that they had a contagious illness so that they would scare them off from the property. While some slaves elected to listen to their owners even in the time of liberation, many slaves had their own minds made up. One Carolina slave told his overseer, “We all hear ‘bout dem Yankees. Folks tell we they has horns and a tail….Wen I see dem coming I shall run like all possess.” However, once the overseer had fled the plantation, the slaves’ attitudes…

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