Slavery During The 19th Century Essay

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Slavery in America can be explained as a legal institution whereby humans had owners who controlled them and decided on the form of treatment; it existed during 18th and 19th c in America after gaining independence and prior civil war in America.The paper reflects American slavery regarding how it started till the how it ended; the role played by slaves and their masters, the effects of slavery, events that took place and the importance of each event towards slavery
Slavery started during the beginning of the 17thc, during these period slaves were transported from Africa to North America, which was a colony situated in Jamestown in Virginia, the event took place in 1619 to be precise. The slaves were taken to assist in producing profitable crops such as tobacco. All American colonies practiced slavery both in the 18th and 17th c and the slaves through their activities aided in the building of their economy. One of the factors that attributed to the spread of slavery in South America was the introduction of cotton in 1793 by Eli Whitney. The introduction of cotton came as a result of depletion of land used in growing tobacco leading to an economic crisis in South America. With the invention of mechanization in the textile industry based in England, the demand for cotton from America was on the rise leading to the invention of cotton gin. Surplus labor provided by the slave assisted in the massive production of cotton in southern states of America. Cotton plantations were…

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