Slavery And The United States Essay

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In the early nineteenth century the United States started to expand. Many areas in the expansion wanted to become territories to later become states. Arkansas was no different. As part of the Missouri territory, Arkansas wanted to break off and become its own territory. Being in the southern part of the United States, Arkansas was great for agriculture and slavery. Slavery and its legality in the United States was an issue that started when the country was being formed. It became an even larger issue as the country expanded westward. Many in Congress felt, however, that slavery should not expand and worked to prohibit slavery in the new territories. Others in Congress felt differently and saw the prohibition of slavery as an attack on the southern industry and slave owners. Representative Taylor of New York and Representative Walker were both crucial in whether the Arkansas territory became a territory with slavery. Prohibiting slavery was a crucial issue in territorial formation. Representative Taylor of New York, tirelessly tried to prohibit slavery in the Arkansas territory. Representative Taylor understood that he could not get rid of slavery in the United States, but did not want to see it spread. He felt that the roots of slavery were too deep from Georgia to Mississippi to pull up, but felt that new roots should not be planted. Representative Taylor argued that slavery should stay east of the Mississippi River. Taylor made the point that if slavery was prohibited…

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