Essay on Slavery And The Slavery Of Slavery

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Slave Labor
In present day America the idea of slavery would not be tolerated, however in the first colonies and many years following slavery was common and accepted. America is not the first nor the only country with a history of slavery. Slavery is still a hot topic today in various forms. As the colonies developed land ownership opportunities became available, however this only increased the need for labor. Thus began indentured servitude, creating opportunity for both the master and servant. The servant paid for their cost of travel with service labor for a contracted amount of time. After the contract had been fulfilled the servant was then free. As a free man they gained the legal right to their own land. With more land owners and a lack of labor, the situation only became more bleak. With the need for more labor that void was soon filled with the growth of slavery. The servant was purchased for a sum of money without a contract attached to the purchase. This allowed for the masters to keep the servants as long as they wished. Slavery can be an entire lifetime with no end date while servitude had an expiration date. Also children born into slavery were also slaves so it became generational. More land owners were willing to pay the high cost of slaves knowing it was a lifelong purchase and would not have to worry about finding new labor.
Development of using Slaves
The main use of slave labor was because of the large amounts of crops the settlers grew and they were…

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