Slavery And The American Revolution Essay

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Thousands of slaves in Africa were traded across the Atlantic for goods imported from Europe, such as textiles, rum and guns. It took months for ships to reach the colonies- months of starving and being piled on top of one another. Slaves came to the colonies with no rights. Laws later set against slaves, protecting their owners were considered slave codes. It was not illegal to have slaves in the colonies nor was it illegal to beat, kill or rape them. Children of enslaved women were born into slavery, became lifelong slaves and could not be set free. Years were spent working alongside each other, slaves had formed families. Kinship ties were made through the syncretism of religion, language (Gullah or Geechee). Most slaves were from the same tribe. Special events such as birthdays, naming ceremonies, religious holidays, and funerals took place. And though it was not legal, slaves had …show more content…
Slaves joined the revolution to fight for their freedom, or put in place for their owners. Many joined to run away or to join forces with the British military. Freedom was promised to slaves who joined Britain; they were given tools to fight for themselves. Others also fought for the rights and freedom of slaves. Though many were not as successful as hoped, they each made a huge impact through time. Later laws were lifted to free slaves once they reached a certain age, following the condition of the mother as well. If the mother was a freed slave, the child would be born a free slave. Once they were free, they were allowed to use the white man’s law against him. Quok Walker was a slave that sued his owner and won. Revolution inspired slaves to resist. Gabriel’s Rebellion took place shortly after, he organized slaves to go towards the capitol of Virginia to over throw the government. They planned to kill anyone that got in their way, except Quakers and

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