The Pros And Cons Of Indentured Servants

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After the colonies were formed many people wanted to come to the “new world”;however, coming to the colonies was very expensive and most people could not afford it. People in the colonies needed help because they now had a ton of land and had to do everything themselves. Therefore, they needed servants to help them with the hard work load that they had gotten once they were in the colonies. Once the Europeans realized that there were other humans in the “new world” they tried to force them to become their slaves. However, enslaving natives on their homelands was not the best idea. The natives were able to easily escape and hid in the forest because it was familiar terrain. This was where indentured servants came to the Americas. Since the …show more content…
After the set amount of years were up many of the servants were not able to go free into the Americas and start their lives. Many of their masters found different ways to make them work longer for instance, if they were to break a tool that was used for farming the colonist would add another year onto their agreement. Eventually people realized what the colonist were doing so they stopped volunteering to come. Then the Europeans would send criminals over to be servants. Instead of sending the criminals to prison they would send them to the colonies. The Europeans figured that forcing them to work hard in the colonies would be a better punishment. After the criminal's sentence was done most of them would return back to England, unless they had changed their ways and wanted to start over then they would stay in the colonies. Wealthy people often sent their children over to the colonies to force them to work and not be dependent on them. In one case a wealthy mans daughter got pregnant out of wedlock and became an embarrassment to her family so they sent her to the colonies to make her work. Sending criminals and wealthy kids to the colonies soon stopped after it

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