Skillful Sailor

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"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”. (English proverb) With my interpretation, this quotes means, one who does not go through hard times and experiences can never learn the outcome of the person you could be. So, the more ‘waves’ the sea has, the better you get at sailing. The “wave” indicates all the obstacles and the challenges that we meet in our life. I know many people do not like being challenged or even afraid of being challenged. However I consider challenges are what make my life interesting. I consider challenges as an opportunity to learn and improve. When my classmates ask me about my age, most of them are surprised when I answer them. “You are already 23 but still in college?” I would then tell them …show more content…
For example, I learned to play the piano, because it was said that piano is the most difficult instrument to learn. I’ve played it proficiently for two years. In addition, I also learned and played the clarinet for four years. At first, learning to play the clarinet was very difficult, because I was too skinny to play the instrument. During lessons, my teacher would say my face was turning ghastly and white as sheet. The teacher worried about my health condition, and tried to persuade me to stop learning the clarinet. However I did not listen. Instead I practiced more often at home. After the first year I could play the instrument very easily. People in China usually need at least five years to get the 9th class clarinet certification, but I acquired the certification in two years. I had joined our school’s music band, and participated in the band competition representing our school. I also taught myself how to play a zheng (a traditional Chinese instrument) well in a snore amount of time. Aside from instruments, I swam regularly and have competed in high school track and field, specifically middle distance events such as two hundred meters race. Lastly, I have won many awards in Chinese brush writing, and is still one of my favorite

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