Situation Analysis Of Bonobos

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Bonobos is a men’s apparel company driven by e-commerce which based in New York launched in 2007. The company was founded by Brian Splay& Andy Dunn, graduates from Stanford Business School. Bonobos has renowned as top in the online men’s retail industry which focused to provide excellence in customer service and excellence in fit cutting.
1. Situation Analysis
Situation Analysis refers to a compilation of technique that manager’s use to analyse theinternal and external environment of an organisation to understand the capabilities, customers, and business environmentof the organization. There are external and internal environmental analysis.
1.1. SWOT analysis
The SWOT analysis will based on aspect strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
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The Bonobos mobile app allow customer to preview their full line of products. The quick purchase function enable the mobile apps to provide bespoke services and features for customers via online chat room and mobile apps. Moreover, the mobile app able to scan QR (Quick Response) code from an advertisement. This is shorten to purchasing period and also benefiting the customer with convenience.Customer questions or concerns having quick response time while navigate website, 24/7 online dashboard, the mobile application and online stylist, customers would realize the commitment they hold within the Bonobos company. Customers would feel secure in the decision to purchase and repurchase from Bonobos because of the great quality and expertise of the Bonobos customer …show more content…
Threats At this time, Bonobos faces large competitors in the market where it could easily acquired by larger companies. It happen in situations when a small competitor of a large company captures part of their profit share.One the other hand, the changes in trends and fashion in the industry is one of the threat in Bonobos. Rapid changes in the fashion apparel industry through the image from the public. Thoseold-fashioned outfit leaving Bonobos product becomeunmarketable products. The interaction in industry by government is through import regulations on goods purchased outside the country. Thus, companies may be affected by international regulations. Furthermore, regulations from government set limits on advertisement of the company and its product. Consideringeffect from government regulations which may damage to a company’s image, branding and bottom line. Even though Bonobos has introduce a physical store "Guideshop", these store only available in major city in US e.g. Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston etc. Customers from rural area unable to have this privilege where they need to travel to nearest town to look for the store just for having physical experience sake instead of buying definitely not convenience in customer point of view. On the other hand, online hackers might targeting Bonobos customer's account as hackers were able to access accounts information causing leaking of privacy information such as credit card information and

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