Sir Isaac Newton 's Life Essay

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Sir Isaac Newton was born in Wools Thorpe, Lincolnshire, in 1642. Growing up, Newton faced many hardships with his mother abandoning him at a young age and his father passing away three months before he was born (Westfall 1993). Life finally became so overwhelming for Newton that he began acting out and even made threats of burning down his house. However, eventually Newton was able to find solace by indulging himself in books which then led to his developed interest for mechanics and technology. As time went on, Newton enrolled in a college located in Cambridge, where he met a professor that became a father figure to him. This father figure, Isaac Barrow, encouraged Newton to achieve his best in life. Barrow set Newton’s education level to a higher standard, teaching Newton much harder topics like Calculus. Barrows faith became the uplifting boost that Newton needed all of this life. And while sadly the college in Cambridge closed down due to the plague occurring, Newton was able to return home and focus more on his education. Returning home became a pivotal point in Newton’s life. Newton began to focus more of his discoveries based experiments he developed and this became the infrastructure for his success in life (iWonder n.d.). Newton became exceptionally famous for his discovery of the Laws of Motion that are stated in his book “Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis”. Each law contributed drastically to both mathematics and science. To start with, Newton’s…

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