Vertical Soccer Research Paper

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Vertical Soccer
This exciting sport is played on a billboard painted to look like a real soccer field, with two goals mounted on either side. The players are held by cables around their waste and the ball is suspended using cables that hang over the middle of the field. The objective of this sport is the same as any other soccer game, score the most goals and win. Vertical Soccer was, at first, a “promotional experiment” by Adidas in Japan. The sport is not played regularly, but continues to be a promotional ruse. There are many examples of Newton’s Laws of Motion in vertical soccer.
In soccer, there a forms of good and bad friction. For example, wearing light clothing could reduce friction allowing you to run faster. Friction is also used when the soccer ball rubs against the ground
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Inertia is used in soccer when a player kicks the soccer ball. Once the ball has been kicked, it resists gravity for a short time while it is suspended in the air. Momentum affects how far the ball will go. If you kick the ball with little force, it will not have as much momentum, causing there to be less acceleration. Likewise, if the ball is kicked with a great amount of force, it will have more momentum and acceleration. Newton’s first law states that an object will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. If a soccer ball is sitting on the field, it will not roll unless someone kicks it. Without the player’s foot acting as an outside force on the soccer ball, the ball will not go anywhere. This is also an example of Newton’s third law which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
There is an abundance of science used in each and every sport. Vertical soccer is one. It shows the effects of friction, gravity, inertia, and Newton’s laws all in one game. Vertical soccer seems very exciting, especially because of the science behind

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