Newton's Second Law Analysis

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Newton's Second Law:
It describes what happens to the body when it is affected by force, as it shows the relationship between the force affecting the body, and the movement acquired by the body. Through the study of Newton's first law, we see that in the absence of an effective force on an object or the existence of a group of balanced forces affecting it, This body will be in a state of stillness or regular movement in the straight line. We continue to study the movement of objects when a force affects them, or, in other words when they are under the influence of a group of unbalanced forces. These forces, of course, are produced. The body appears to be under the influence of only one force - the sum.
No doubt the first law implies implicitly
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If the direction of the force acting on an object is in the identical direction of its movement as its speed, the wheel is in the identical direction of speed, It causes an increase in body speed.
If the direction of the force influencing the body reverses its movement, it is a negative wheel that "slows down" and causes the body to slow down until it stops.
2. When an object is subject to the influence of two forces, s 2 in two different directions, both forces will gain a wheel. The wheel action line is applicable to the force line and in the same direction, and then the body moves towards the sum of these two forces, and the wheel equals the sum of the two wheels.

3 - When there are no forces affecting the body or the result is equal to zero. The wheel of the body is zero, and then the body either static or moving at a regular pace in a straight line. It is the same result achieved by Newton's first law.

There is a more precise version of Newton's second law:
The sum of the forces acting on an object is equal to the average time of the change in a number of

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