Single Sex Schools Is A Positive Environment For Children Essay

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From the time a person is born, he or she begins to learn behaviors and actions that affect their lives until death. The adolescence stage of growth is the most important to the child, because it is a period of critical brain growth. Behaviors and actions learned from this period will affect children throughout the rest of their lives. The environment a child is placed upon plays a major role in what they will learn and behave. The children of today are our future leaders, but many are placed in environment that are rich in stimuluses that promote hedonistic, rebellious, and undisciplined behaviors. Single sex schools is a positive environment for children to develop and learn positive behaviors. Single sex schools is beneficial to adolescent children because it provides an environment that teaches students positive work habits, provides effective education, and prepares students for the future.

Single sex schools is an effective way to teach students positive work habits. Being in an environment restricted to the presence of the opposite sex encourages positive work habit behaviors by promoting focus and concentrate on education. The article “Single-Sex Schools: An Old Idea Whos Time Has Come”, by Diana Urbina, states, “The boys and girls who attended single-sex schools performed between 15 and 22 percentage points higher on standardized tests than students attending coed schools”(Urbina, p. 715).This demonstrates students in single sex schools are able to concentrate on…

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