Canadian Students Joining Mixed Schools

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Would parents have faith that mixed schools is the inimitable choice for their children? In the past few years a national survey conducted in 2005-2006 that 79% of Canadian students join co-education schools. Co-education schools give students the competency and courage to deal and cooperate flexibly with the opposing sex, however antagonists affirm that some students do not have the neither the ability nor the courage to deal with the other gender. Students should join mixed sex schools for three main causes, social, academic, and psychological.
Some people are confident about the fact that students who join single sex schools are academically better than those joining the mixed gender schools. Opponents also assert that learning within single
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If there is a good supervision in schools boys and girls psychological characteristics will become better than they might consider. Students learning and studying in bi gender schools can enjoy the benefit of constructing a set of equal morals and values, especially about love affairs and problems. Inspiration between students will increase as they will feel involved in activities together. Both genders in bi gender schools will know their limits between each other. Boys play a very big role in schools because they can support and help girls if there is any problem, girls cannot always solve problems on their own because there are some problems boys should be involved in them :in this way girls will feel safe. As stated by (Lambert and milldam, 1968), single sex schools advocates …show more content…
Their behavior and way of dealing with each other will be better in all situations. Students will have better interaction with the real environment; they will have the capability to solve situations and problems in more mature and realistic way. Additionally these students when they grow up the will have the will to take risks of challenges because they learnt in school how to take challenges when dealing with boys in projects and activities. Mixed sex schools help the students to adapt and cope with society demand. In addition to all of these students will concentrate on their studies because they start working hard to get better grades than the boys and vise versa. It is clear that students in singe sex schools are totally out of question and comparisons when compared with coeducation schools. In my opinion the ministry of education should start by employing psychology teachers for each mixed school to make sure that students will be graduated with the best behavior characteristics and they will have the best way of dealing with people

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