Essay on Single Sex Schools And Classroom

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Imagine a student sitting in a coed classroom where the opposite gender is a source of distraction. The teaching style isn’t tailored to fit his or her needs, which prevents the student’s academic performance from being at it’s best. Studies show that single-sex schools and classrooms benefit both male and female students by helping both sexes to attain higher levels of achievement.
Single-sex education has long been provided in educational and extracurricular institutions, such as religious, private, and preparatory schools in a diverse range of situations, including individual classes, programs after school, required programs, voluntary programs, and programs to remedy gender inequities and encourage cultural pride (Cable and Spradlin 1).
In single-sex school environments, academic achievement improves as a result of improved behaviors and teacher focus on learning-style differences.
One advantage of single-sex schools and classroom is that they eliminate the opposite gender distractions that interfere with education. Male and female students are preoccupied and distracted by the opposite sex, which often makes socialization a priority over learning. Students are very concerned with looks and reputation in coeducational environments. A single-sex education provides a more academic focus. Sax claims that in coed schools “there is a good deal of gawking, speculating, and general preoccupation with those of the opposite sex . . .” (Cable and Spradlin 5).
In single-sex…

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