Single Sex Education Vs. Coeducation Essay

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Single-sex education vs. Coeducation
Have you ever thought how different your academic career might have turned out if you went to an all females or all males school? Single-sex education has existed since the nineteen century, with the basis of providing education by separating male and female students. On the other hand, Coeducation, an education for both sexes together, began in the late nineteen and twentieth century. Additionally, single-sex schools were for the privileged; not everyone was getting an education. Across the world, each country has an education system which is best for their people. In the United States, it is stated, girls learn better in a single-sex environment than in a coeducational environment. (Malacova 234). Single-sex education vs. coeducation has been a controversial topic to discuss. Each female or male learn differently. Mainly, because men and women learn differently, the strategy of teaching these people needs to be taken into account. Since the passing of the No Child Left Behind Act, schools have been able to fund their single-sex education schools. Thus, letting parents and children choose which school will be beneficial. Single-sex education classes are useful because they help students achieve their academic goals, separate them from the opposite sex. Single-sex education has many benefits which include opportunities for both genders, improvement academically, teachers are trained to teach strategies pertaining to males/females, and…

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