Personal Narrative: My First Year As A Single Mom With Multiple Sclerosis

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First Year as a Single Mom with Multiple Sclerosis
I chose to interview my cousin Telma, about her experience of becoming a parent during her daughters first year of life. One reason why I chose my cousin is that I wanted to get a different perspective of what parenting is like; from a parent who not only faces all the challenges that come with raising children, but also has to face the difficulties that come with having a disability. I am unsure whether Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that most people are aware of, yet this is a hard disease to live with making daily tasks a challenge. For many, this disease can make raising children seem like a daunting task.
Telma became pregnant at twenty-three years of age and became a single mother. Telma’s daughter, Sindy is eight years old. However, since Sindy is her only child she is still able to remember what she experienced as a parent during Sindy’s first year of life very vividly. Telma had been married; that is up until she found out about Juan’s infidelity. However, she became pregnant from her husband Juan before their divorce was final. She did not know that she was pregnant yet however and after finalizing her divorce, she stopped all contact with Juan.
Telma had envisioned forming a family long before she even met
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She said, this was the time when she had been able to do more for her daughter, as well as being able to interact with her more. Telma said that when Sindy was about eleven months old she felt like a mom for the first time. She says that although, she likes being a parent she still finds it hard because most of the time her daughter prefers to be with her grandma Leticia. Lastly, she mentioned that what she loves most about being a mom is the time that they spend together; such as when they go shopping together, when they sit down and my cousin helps her do homework, or when they go to sleep together at

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