Single And Mixed Sex Schools Essay

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Educational systems are considered the keystone in all societies around the world in order to have well-developed and civilized communities. There are mainly two types of schools in the field of education. Single Sex School which refer to the educational process in which the boys and the girls are getting their education in separate classes or even separate buildings and Mixed Sex School where boys and girls receive their education sharing the same classes. Mixed gender schools exist in western and European countries while single sex school systems are popular in some Middle East countries. Education in the United Kingdom was targeting only the male students around 1960s. Around the end of the nineteenth century, mixed sex schools emerged and girls were allowed to attend school and study. Recently, parents, educational experts, teachers and students argued about the practicality of Single and Mixed sex schools and how do they affect students’ environments in education. This essay explores each type of schools and how do they influence students’ achievements, behaviors, and preparation for the working field. Single and Mixed Sex Schools’ arguments are presented in the next paragraphs and followed by the counter arguments for each party.
First of all, some researchers tend to prefer Single Sex School in education due to the nature of the environment that it provides and the ethical issues that it overcome. Robinson & Gillibrand (2004) found out that several studies were…

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