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NAAP – Lunar Phase Simulator 1/11
Lunar Phase Simulator – Student Guide
Part I: Background Material
Answer the following questions after reviewing the background pages for the simulator.
Page 1 – Introduction to Moon Phases
Is there a dark side of the moon? (Note: this question can be effectively answered either yes or no, so it is important to explain your reasoning.)
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Identify each position with the letter of the corresponding sketch.

Page 3 – The Time of Day
NAAP – Lunar Phase Simulator 3/11
Use the interactive diagram at the bottom of the page to determine the direction of the earth’s rotation when viewed from above the North Pole. (Hint: rotate the observer – the stickfigure – to the noontime position, then sunset position, then midnight position, and finally back to sunrise position. The earth has made one complete rotation and the observer has experience one daily (diurnal) cycle of day and night.)
When viewed from above the North Pole, does the earth rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise? __________________

Page 4 – Rising and Setting
When the moon crosses the western side of the horizon plane it is rising / setting
(circle). When it crosses the eastern side of the horizon plane it is rising / setting (circle).

Page 5 – The Horizon Diagram
Describe the location of the moon in the sky of the horizon diagram at bottom.
Use direction words (like north, west, etc.) and estimate its altitude in degrees.
Page 6 – The Witness and the Detective
If we know the moon's position in the sky and its phase, we can estimate the
____________. In general, knowing any two of the following three things allows us to estimate the third:
1. moon's

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