Pastor's Ministry

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but keep the blessing hidden from others. I can only imagine the delight found in the words to a pastor’s ear when we praise the Lord for using their ministry to transform the believer.
How does the ministry of helps differ from an armor bearer? To minister in any capacity, we must have the heart of a servant. The Word of God contains numerous scriptures pertaining to servitude. The last shall be first, well done my good and faithful servant, and even the purpose of the Lord’s Christ, to serve and give his life a ransom for many. At one point in time or another, we have all had the opportunity to minister to our pastoral leaders. While the ministry of helps takes on the shotgun approach to serving, the armor bearer’s heart is the rifle
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Simon Peter was a man who was not always perfect, but he meant to do right. He testifies to the fact that mistakes do not have to be fatal. Every time Peter failed, he did not let it push him back, but bring him closer. Peter began losing hope during the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus. He had returned to his cussing habits, his denying habits, and his forsaking habits. He returned to his old job as a fisherman, but Peter had a longing to be near Jesus. We see the story unfold in Matthew 21. Jesus appears to Simon Peter on the shores of Galilee. Peter recognized Jesus from the boat and begins to swim toward the shoreline. Jesus was preparing a restoration meal of fish and bread and patiently waited for Peter’s soon arrival. The shame and guilt filled Peter’s eyes, and I can see him standing before the Lord with his head hung low. Jesus did not bring the whip down on Peter with condemnation, but asked him one question three times, “Simon Peter, do you still love me?” Jesus never brought up the past, but the present. God is not asking us what we have done, but is asking the same question, do you still love me? God can tell the difference when someone has sinned but their heart still loves him. The contrast is with Judas Iscariot. One wept through repentance, the other wept over anger with God. One was premeditated, the other was unplanned. The bible says, “While Peter was warming his hands at the fire, they brought Jesus through the courtyard and when Jesus looked at Peter, their eyes connected.” There is a difference in being overtaken in a fall versus being overtaken by a sin. A righteous man falls 7 times a day, but rises again (Proverbs 24:16). When a sheep falls in mud, a sheep tries to get out. It is not their nature to wallow in filth. The power of the cross can rescue the fallen, and restore the child to their rightful position. Peter despised himself as he reached what must have

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