Trumbo Film Analysis

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McCarthyism and Movie Trumbo

The Cold War was the longest global conflicted from 1945 to 1989 where The United States and the Soviet Union tried to have global hegemony after the WWII. It was a period full of threats, fear and persecution, which imposed its indelible mark on the conscience of the society of that time. In the reality, this conflict was bipolar, manipulative, propagandist and absurd clashed between 2 ideologist as capitalism and Communist. Throughout the different stages of the confrontation, the frontal and direct clash between the United States and the Soviet Union never materialized; however, the mere idea that such a collision occurred would foster a climate of paranoia and resentment, with traits of excessive virulence
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In your profession, in your life, in your family. Treated as delinquents and lepers for refusing to bend their heads, to confess a sin that never existed.
Dalton Trumbo barely spent a year in prison for being convicted of contempt of Congress for refusing to answer the question of whether he was a member of the Communist Party and to denounce his comrades. The blacklist was applied for more than ten years. It was planned as a sort of civil labor death penalty, imposed outside any legal regulation and regardless of any procedure. Pure and hard power that was exercised without any legal limit and in a totally despotic way. Although Trumbo managed to circumvent the prohibition at the price of being exploited and self-exploit in the black market of screenwriters.

Dalton Trumbo managed to survive the endless nightmare. He was a stellar scriptwriter to which the witch-hunt closed all the doors to him, imprisoned him, ruined him, forced him to exile Mexico, and forced him to sell his scripts under multiple pseudonyms. One of them won the Oscar, but his enigmatic author could not pick it up because it officially did not

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