Similarities Between Martin Luther And Ferdinand Magellan

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Martin Luther and Ferdinand Magellan are both easily two of the most well known and influential men in history. Yet, both men inspired the world in very different ways. Martin Luther, a devoted German monk, and Ferdinand Magellan, a courageous Portuguese explorer, made changes to the pre-modern world that still make a mark today. Ferdinand Magellan, always remembered as an adventurous navigator, was the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean, circumnavigate the globe, and discover new sea routes and ports, like the Strait of Magellan, for upcoming explorers and expeditions. Although Martin Luther is not a very popular figure in the Catholic Church, he had a greater impact on history than Ferdinand Magellan, as a controversial figure, by leading to significant reforms in the Catholic Church, which later influenced the morals and ideas of the Catholic Church today, emphasizing and recognizing the bible as a central religious source, and by translating the bible, making it omnipresent. …show more content…
Martin Luther was born in 1483 in Eisleben, Saxony, current Germany. Martin, a monk and scholar, became interested in the monastic life in 1496, at age thirteen, when he attended a school run by the Brethren of the Common Life, a Roman Catholic religious community, whose teachings focused on piety. Postliminary, he then attended the University of Erfurt where he studied a very basic curriculum and then received a Master’s degree in 1505. In July of 1505 Martin found himself cemented in a brutal thunderstorm where he was almost struck by lightning which he interpreted this manifestation as a sign from God. From then on, Martin Luther asserted himself to become a monk in return to God for saving him and joined an Augustinian

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