Similarities Between Male And Female Sex Offenders

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In the last 50 plus years sexual abuse has become an epidemic in our society. Many families deal with this burden on a daily basis. Society is at a loss when it comes to the type of offense committed as not every situation is the same. Sexual offenders are not seen as a part of society after an offence is committed. Male, female, and juvenile offenders have many similarities and differences along with the way the offenders are treated and prosecuted. Many studies show that female sex offenders are distinctly different from male sex offenders. Researchers have advocated for the development of typologies specific to female sex offenders, as male offender’s typologies, the researcher’s argument is not representative of female sex offenders. Despite the assertion is that male and female offenders are very different researches have not been able to validate this claim (Freeman et al., 2008). The comparison of male and female offenders has been investigated and only a small amount of data has been collected on the examination of the differences and similarities between female and male sex offenders. In one of the first attempts to compare male and female sex offenders research …show more content…
Also females were more willing to report victimizing male victims whereas males were reporting female victimization. Another difference between male and female sex offenders is found in the family background. With this more females reported being sexually abused than male offenders both in which led to having poor relationships with their parents (Freeman et al., 2008). More research was conducted on the juvenile sex offenders were female juveniles were more likely to come from dysfunctional homes and reported high sexual victimization than juvenile male

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