Similarities Between Male And Female Friends

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How are female friends similar to male friends? Many times this question has been answered by the usual, there nothing alike, and some may believe that is true, but there are some that believe differently about the matter. Even though there are many ways that male friends that are different from female friends, but there are some ways where they 're very similar – or close to it-.

Although some men hate to admit it, they all have that one or two best guy friends that will always have their back through thick and thin, just like how women have their best friends that has their back. And that mixes in with the saying – a little less offending version – “Mates before dates” meaning putting your male friend’s problems before some girl
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Be it sports, cooking, hunting or exercising they have some sort of interest that the others likes as well. Or if they don’t exactly have the same interest in some things, they have a way of sharing their interests with the other, leading the other friend to like it. And that’s exactly how women also share their interest with other women, through communication about different activities or ideas that each friend shares or has in common.

But enough about the similarities between male friends and women friends, there are also the many differences between the two groups of
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Males don’t usually get too deep into their emotions with other males, or stop to tell them how they are feeling, or their secrets. And they even tend to stray away from getting into personal levels with the other men. The continuation from the quote above: “Men aren’t so sensitive about things like women are” (Linda Sapadin PH. D.). For both the partnership and dependency, men usually do things independently and if they are in dire need of help, then of course they’ll ask for help from one of their friends. As for men becoming sensitive about insulting and teasing each other in a joking way, they don’t get hurt by the jokes because it’s funny to them all and they know the other is joking. In fact, even if the other male friend did get offended they would have an argument, but it would boil down to nothing within a few hours or even less than that. Male friends seem to get over arguments quicker than women do. For instance, when women get into arguments they go days or months without saying a word to the person they disagreed with, and on the other hand, males usually apologize about the issue or play it off as a stupid thing to be angry about and get back to their normal

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