Differences: Similarities Between Islam And Judaism

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Important figures of world religions are the premise of faith and belief that are practised today. Studying these individuals allow society to recognize the similarities and differences among their peers. Islam and Judaism have similar influential figures that have varying roles which make them unique. The religion of Islam is said to be created by Muhammad, who contributed his visions to create a popular religion still used today. Abraham, the patriarch of Judaism, made a covenant with God which is still centred in the Jewish faith. These two prophets are considered founders of each religion, but remain specialized in their stories and teachings. Abraham, or Ibrahim, is present in many stories of the Qur 'an that change in the Torah. King …show more content…
First, Ibrahim constantly tried to discover the presence of God in his life. He grew up in a Pagan environment, but did not believe in what he had been taught. Unlike the Jewish faith, Abraham is not only considered a prophet, but also a friend of God (Siddiqui). Before David became a King, he was the warrior who killed the giant, Goliath. He defeated the giant with a sling shot used in God 's name which would later make him King (King David). Ibrahim and David had many differences with their early lives but they still made a large impact on their religions. Abraham was the first person asked by God to sacrifice a child. He was prepared to sacrifice his son Ishmael with no hesitation because he trusted God 's ways. Also, God asked Ibrahim to build and purify the Kaaba, which he did. This proves that Abraham trusted God and would do anything for him (Siddiqui). Once David became King, he set the precedent for all future kings on the ways they should honour God (Textbook 132). He collected all the tribes of Israel and defeated all of his enemies. All of his accomplishments led to David 's attachment to God. He started to build a temple to honour God, even after he refused, which was finished by David 's son Solomon (Textbook 132). The temple contained the stones with the Ten Commandments and was a place for people of Israel to worship and honour God (Textbook 132). Ibrahim and David had varying childhoods but by adulthood, they both saw the importance of God. They both built temples which honoured God and are both widely known in each

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