Similarities And Differences Between Homescool And Homeschool

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There are several different types of educational choices to make for our children. Two of the most popular are public school and homeschool. Public school is the most popular choice. It is a tax-payer funded educational system that can be hard to beat. Homeschool, on the other hand, is quickly rising in popularity (Liepmann). Parents personally foot the cost of homeschool. The government doesn 't have much say in what is being taught to the students. The curriculum in public school system are based off of what the government believes that children should be learning at their age level. Homeschool is different in that respect. In homeschool the curriculum can be highly individualized to the student to help them succeed at their own pace. While homeschool and public school may seem very different on the outside, in actuality, they are quite similar if only one looks deeply enough. These similarities include the following: both produce students who equally have a strong grasp on the subjects being taught; parental involvement is key for …show more content…
They are similar in many ways including the fact that they both receive approximately the same education level, parents remain involved throughout their education, and both create happy children who enjoy social endeavors. There are differences, however, since public school is a government provided education and homeschool is parentally funded and executed education. Public school is available to everyone regardless of income level and home school is typically, though not always, available to a lower middle class or higher income level. It is important to compare two of the different educational options available so that a person can make an informed decision about what type of education their child should receive. Not every child learns the same way and it is paramount to consider what would best fit your child when making such an important

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