Silly Billy Backpacks Business Plan

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Team Agreement

This Team Agreement for Silly Billy Backpacks outlines the team members, team roles and responsibilities, expectations, values, project schedule, group conduct and procedures.

Team Name
Silly Billy Backpacks

Team Members
● Aujla, Ajay
● Lee, Kunyeup
● Sekhon, Manjot

Team Expectations & Values
The following expectations apply to all members of this company and each and every member is expected to abide to the following:
● Must not discriminate in terms of gender, sexuality, race, or age
● Must contribute equally to the operations of the company
● Must cooperate at all times
● Solve problems as a team
● Be willing to learn at all times
● Respect working environment and fellow team members
● Must be open to criticism
● Must
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We will be fully committed to compete in the backpack industry.

Silly Billy Backpacks has a main objective of entering the market with competitive products at competitive prices.

Long Term Strategy
Our company plans to keep growing by coming up with innovative ideas for further and faster growth compared to competitors. We also plan to brand our backpacks globally so kids around the world are all wearing a Silly Billy Backpack on their backs on their way to school.

Product Strategy
We will create comfortable, spacious and reliable backpacks which young students will find to be attractive with colors that stand out such as red and with their favorite cartoons on their bag.

Placement Strategy
Our backpacks will be distributed through retail stores because many children accompany their parents to stores and they will be able to see these backpacks in store and parents can buy them for their children knowing that they are purchasing from a store that they trust and are loyal
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We are targeting them because all young children require a backpack for their studies. Also, they are easily enticed by vibrant colors and having their favorite cartoons on their bags.

Pricing Strategy
Our company wants to keep our products affordable for customers so we plan on raising the prices just a little bit for our high quality and long lasting product. Entering the market, we will price our backpacks at about 30% higher than their production costs. We feel that our pricing is reasonable due to the fact that we make products that are convenient, attractive to our target market and of high quality. We want to keep our prices economically fitting for our target market.

Promotional Development Strategy
The means by which we plan on promoting our backpacks to children are through advertising on children’s television and by placing our products in store flyers so parents can spot our product in their favorite store’s flyer. For children 's television, we can create 30 second ads that create interest in our products to children. Children may tell their parents about our product and once the parents see our products in flyers for major retailers, they may consider buying our backpack for their

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